Christian Bale Becomes Real-Life Superhero by Visiting Aurora Victims

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Christian Bale with staff from the Swedish Medical Center in CO.

If you remember the (very NSFW) rant Christian Bale spewed on the set of Terminator: Salvation back in 2009, you might not think very highly of the actor known for playing so many disturbed characters. But the man who is currently starring as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises proved himself at least a bit of a hero yesterday by visiting victims of the Aurora, CO shooting that took place last weekend. Bale met with seven patients in total from two hospitals over the course of two-and-a-half hours.

According to The Denver Post, “Bale and his wife, Sibi Blazic, also met with a number of doctors, Aurora police officers and emergency medical technicians who were first responders” at the Dark Knight massacre. The paper notes, “Bale spent about 10 minutes with each person.” Bale wanted to make his visit without cameras present, so he “notified hospital officials that he wanted to visit the injured but asked that media not be notified. He just wanted to meet with victims and police,” the Post reports. Bale was in Aurora representing himself, not Warner Bros. pictures, which has responded to the shooting by choosing to delay the release and re-shoot parts of its film The Gangster Squad as well as canceling various Dark Knight premiers and press opportunities. The studio has also donated an undisclosed but generous sum to the victims via

Photo via Twitter