Christian Louboutin Says Barbie Has Cankles


barbieJust when you thought Barbie’s body couldn’t be any more dysmorphic, along comes the fashion industry to set us straight. Christian Louboutin says Barbie has cankles.

And before the designer would design new stilettos for her fiftieth, he wanted her ankles slimmed down. The exact words a designer from the fashion house told Women’s Wear Daily? “Her ankles were too fat.”

Yes, someone just called Barbie fat. Makes you want to run out and buy Louboutin, doesn’t it? The designer has made three Barbies with “mini Louboutin boxes for the shoes,” to celebrate fifty years of Barbie. And since we’re discussing more ways to make little girls feel bad about themselves, how about another quote from Louboutin:

“Barbie needs to wear great shoes because every girl needs to wear great shoes.”

But don’t you dare let your cankles show in them.

Considering it’s the fashion industry with their own taste for dysmorphism, should we be surprised that they’ve found the already impossible 39-23-33 Barbie figure to be a little less than perfect? Or just plain disgusted?

Image: Amazon

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