Christmas Bummer: Mom of 5 Puts X-Mas Presents in Wrong Car - Gifts Gone Forever

Christmas Presents GONE!

This is something that happens to most. You’re trying to get through the holiday season hoping that some fiasco doesn’t happen, like you get horribly sick with a stomach flu, you completely forget to buy your youngest a present, or you accidently take a bite out of the a fruitcake that’s been circulating for six or seven years.  But usually (hopefully) these things don’t happen, but when they do, boy does it sting, especially since it’s around the holidays.

Linda Gipson is having one of those seasons. The mom of five escaped to do some last minute Christmas shopping when she inadvertently placed her presents in the trunk of the wrong automobile…

She had noticed that the car key was “sticky” but she eventually opened the truck of the car she thought was her daughter’s. She put the presents in and rejoined her family in the mall. Once they got back to the car after their trip she realized her mistake, but the car she put the presents in was gone.

Ms. Gipson had been hoping that the person who discovered the bounty in their car would be a good Samaritan and return the gifts. But she wasn’t so lucky. The person who found the presents took them to the stores they were purchased from and tried to return them all for cash. The total of the presents was about $700.

“It just really crushed me to find out that someone would do such a thing,” she said.

So while you are out and about trying to get those last minute gifts, make sure your putting your stuff in the right car!

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