Christmas Lights Go Metal: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Slayer ...

It's a Slayer Xmas

When you think Christmas, you may think of presents, the scent of a freshly cut Douglas Fir and maybe the sultry sounds of Slayer. Slayer? Yes, Slayer the heavy metal band with a cult-like status.

And when people love a band, they’ll do many interesting things to honor them. From making T-shirts and getting the band’s logo tattooed on their biceps to this case: a Christmas light display synchronized to Slayer tune “South of Heaven.” Yes, nothing says celebrating the birth of Christ than a total head-banging anthem.

Regardless of your feelings about Slayer, it’s still hilarious and quite a creative feat. And if Slayer doesn’t make your head bang, you can also check out last year’s Christmas Lights tribute to Pantera. And kids? They love the Slayer.

Check out the video right here:

Via: Buzzfeed

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