Cinnamon Challenge: Do Not Try This at Home

Cinnamon challenge
Cinnamon challenge - not as tasty as it sounds!

If you happen to see your kid grabbing a jar of cinnamon and she’s not making toast, take notice.  She might be preparing to take part in the Cinnamon Challenge. 

While the Cinnamon Challenge may sound like a delicious after school activity, it’s not.  According to the Urban Dictionary, it’s a prank in which one person challenges another to ingest an entire spoon full of ground of cinnamon within sixty seconds without taking a drink of water.

Sounds easy enough, but apparently it’s quite impossible.  And even a little dangerous.

The spice will dry out the person’s mouth, making it impossible to swallow. If the fine powder is inhaled, the cinnamon will cause temporary but severe chest pain.  Theoretically, I guess a kid could even choke on the cinnamon, but the worst I saw on a video site dedicated to the prank was a kid who got some in his eye.

Kids do the weirdest things, no?

Image: McCormick

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