City Makes Kids Tear Down Treehouse


treehouseThe treehouse Brenk Johnson built with his two little boys will have to be torn down because city officials consider it an “accessory building.”

The Johnsons’ neighbor narked on them after Brenk decided to build the treehouse in the front yard because no trees in the backyard would support the weight. 

According to the Dallas NBC affiliate, treehouses are OK’d in University Park, TX, but not in front yards. So Johnson appealed the city to amend the code – or at least give him a little time for his kid’s to grow up with a treehouse before forcing him to tear it down. They said no dice.

Acting like a grown up, Johnson admitted defeat and says he’ll take it down. He told NBC he was disappointed, but grateful to the city for allowing him to present his argument. We applaud this dad for fighting for his kid’s childhood . . . and then showing them a great example of what it means to be a good neighbor and team player.

It sucks for them to lose their treehouse, yeah, but it’s better to have a dad who acts like a grown up in the face of a challenge.


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