Civil War Photo Shows Family Life at the Battle Lines

civil war, ft sumter
The men fought, but whole families went to war. Who knew?!

War scenes are pretty familiar to us by now, thanks to movies, school textbooks, re-enactments at vacation destinations, and Ken Burns.

But what goes on between fighting isn’t as much. For the Civil War, which coincided with the advent and wide use of photography, there are some pictures that have rarely been shown. Yahoo! put together a slideshow of six photos from the war, which showed a bit about the non-battle side of the conflict.

One of the most interesting, to me, is the one of a soldier, whose wife and three kids (plus the family dog!) accompanied him to the front lines.

This happened frequently, especially early on in the war. And it made sense: there was much downtime between the big battles and a lot of daily life going on (go here for a slideshow).

More scenes like these were photographed than actual battle scenes, since the technology required long exposures and, therefore, very still subjects.

Another interesting slideshow is up over at National Geographic. It shows pictures depicting the battle at Ft. Sumter 150 years ago today. No families in sight in these sketches for sure.

Photo: aceit via flickr

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