Climate Change Deniers Mad Toy Store Ruins Christmas

build-a-bearClimate change deniers are calling for a massive boycott of Build-A-Bear Workshop.

So what did they do, send some teddy bears to the Obama kids? Sponsor a meeting in Copenhagen? Nah – the toy company put up a webisode on its site featuring Santa telling kids “global warming is a serious situation.”

That’s it. They admitted global warming exists. And they used Santa to send that message to kids.

Sites like Climate Change Fraud are calling it “indoctrination of children through the use of scare tactics,” and the Liberty Guardian calls it Beargate.

“It” is really three webisodes that follow some kids (penguins and polar bears) on a school project about global warming – and its affect on the earth. The part that’s offended bloggers comes in part two of the three-part series, when a polar bear informs Santa the situation means the North Pole could melt away before Christmas. Have a look:

Says one writer, “scaring your children with a message that is not only despicable, but absolutely false.” Let’s set aside all the bickering about climate change and whether it exists for a moment . . . have they watched any Christmas  movies lately?

They warn our kids that Christmas will be canceled if Santa doesn’t get married. Where it will be canceled because a grumpy green creature is sneaking into houses and stealing all the presents. Where it will be canceled if two guys named Heat Miser and Snow Miser can’t just stop fighting and save the day.

Really, we’re worried about someone lying to our kids? Not to mention that little known fact – come on, lean in . . . Santa doesn’t exist.

Regardless – the fearmongering on the other side of the fence has worked. As Build a Bear’s corporate release responding to the matter states, “Our goal is to entertain and engage the imagination of children with our stuffed animals, our store environment, and online. Our intention with the Polar Bear story was to inspire children, through the voices of our animal characters, to make a difference in their own individual ways. We did not intend to politicize the topic of global climate change or offend anyone in any way. The webisodes concluded this week with Santa successfully leaving on his journey to deliver gifts around the world. The webisodes will no longer be available on the site.”

Does that response make you cheer for Build-A-Bear or want to set up your own boycott?

Image: mot the barber via flickr

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