Coach Takes Kids to Be Baptized Without Parent Permission


baptismA high school football coach who took his players to a Baptist revival – then encouraged them to be dunked in the water and officially “baptized” – has gotten parents mad, but not his school district.

The Kentucky district has made public its faith in Coach Scott Mooney, who got parental permission for a trip to “see a motivational speaker,” even though one parent says they weren’t told it would be a religious speaker . . . or that their kid would be baptized.

So why is the school district taking the risk? Because other parents say they knew full well it was a trip to a revival. . . and though there are few real statistics for the number of impromptu baptisms held at revivals, some religious officials would put the number at anywhere from a third to half of all baptisms performed. The pastor of the church claims no baptisms were planned, although nine of the kids from the trip of twenty were submerged in the water and blessed.

The district has admitted no wrongdoing – even in allowing Mooney to use the bus, which was driven by a volunteer with the gas donated.  The latter seems stranger still than the idea that parents would let their kid go see a motivational speaker without finding out what the speech was about. Why is a school district allowing a volunteer to drive its bus? Are volunteers now on the school’s insurance policy?

Puts other speeches to kids in perspective, doesn’t it?

Image: Mike Baird via Flickr