Colds Win! Zicam Pulled from Shelves


zicamThe FDA issued a warning against Zicam, saying the over-the-counter treatment has caused 130 people to lose some of all of their sense of smell. The agency called for the product to be pulled from shelves until its maker, Matrixx, can show that the zinc-based gel cures colds without the damaging side effect.

Initially, Zicam didn’t have to be FDA approved for sale since if falls into the category of homeopathic treatments. But the reported smelling-loss cases allow for regulators to intervene and require a clinical investigation showing Zicam is safe.

Zicam is one of those products with a huge following — people swear by it. So I have to wonder … if 130 cases of smelling loss is all that remarkable. Also, of those 130 cases, how many overused the stuff, which requires you to smear zinc-laden gell with a swab inside your nose.

Let’s hear from you: about time they pulled this crap off the market? Or are you heading to Walgreens to pick up every last box of the stuff — just in case?

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