College Student Orders Used Textbook Online & Gets a Very Illegal Suprise

Used Textbook Surprise!

Sophia Stockton got a very unusual surprise when she received the used textbook she ordered from Amazon in the mail. It wasn’t a bookmark, classroom notes or a misplaced love letter. In this Kansas City area college student’s book was a $400 bag of cocaine.

After she received her book in the mail — Understanding Terrorism: Challenges, Perspectives and Issues — for her spring class on terrorism, she flipped through the pages of the textbook. And to her surprise she found a small plastic bag filled with a white powder …

Since it was a book on terrorism, her first instinct was that it was a bag of anthrax. She took the mysterious bag down to the police station.

In an interview with WPTV she said, “I told them white powder was in my terrorism textbook and so I put it on the table and they’re like, ‘oh, okay,’ And so he went back and tested it,” Stockton recalled. ” He comes back and says, ‘you didn’t happen to order some cocaine with your textbook, did you?’ And I was like, no!”

The police are currently investigating the source of the drugs.

Photo Source: Buy Back College Books

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