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Colorado Grandmother Argues Against Civil Union Bill [VIDEO]

By carolyncastiglia |

Rosina Kovar

Rosina Kovar

Remember Jean Argus, the adorable 80-year-old grandmother who filmed a moving speech in favor of keeping gay marriage legal in Iowa?  Well, today the Internet met her evil twin, Rosina Kovar.  Kovar is a 76-year-old grandmother from Colorado, who recently addressed the Colorado State Senate about the state’s civil unions bill, hoping to prevent its passage.  The bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and now moves to the Finance Committee for a vote.

The basis of Kovar’s opposition to the bill?  She thinks that butts should remain “exit only.” She also claims that Massachusetts schools are “teaching homosexuality starting in Kindergarten.”

Clearly Kovar’s argument is religiously motivated, but Durango Republican Senator Ellen Roberts told the Colorado Independent, “I don’t think we should be in the business of legislating religion and morality,” after hours of testimony from “Christian ministers and born-again sinners warning against the evils of homosexuality.”

Kovar did pique my interest when she talked about the “latency period” between the ages of 5 and 12 when children learn compassion.  I agree that we as a society should not be eager to sexualize children of such a tender age, but if we don’t talk to children about the fact that boys can love boys and girls can love girls at some point before they become teens, will it be harder for them to have “compassion” for the gay community?  I don’t know.  No one outside of my peer group ever talked to me about sex, and the first time I heard about gayness was probably when someone called me a dyke, and yet I grew up to be an open and not just tolerant but pro-gay adult.

Maybe that’s why, the other night, I felt a bit odd telling my daughter, “boys can love boys and girls can love girls,” but in the context of our conversation (about love and marriage, stemming from a cartoon she’d seen) I felt like it needed to be said. She responded with an incredulous, “Boys can’t love boys.”  I simply said, “Sure they can,” and that was that.  I hate to break it to you, Ms. Kovar, but love isn’t really about buttholes at all.

Sources: Queerty, Colorado Independent, Huffington Post

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0 thoughts on “Colorado Grandmother Argues Against Civil Union Bill [VIDEO]

  1. goddess says:

    Um, Ms. Kovar- us heterosexuals engage in and enjoy anal sex too, ya know!

  2. carolyncastiglia says:

    Hahaha – I love you for admitting that.

  3. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    Ms. Kovar probably doesn’t know about pegging either.

  4. Cissyrene says:

    Um… I don’t know what pegging is, either. Care to share? I’m curious.

  5. Bunnytwenty says:

    Pegging = girl on guy. You can fill in the blanks from there, right?

    To address the article: Why is there even a debate? Letting kids know that mommies and daddies love each other and are married isn’t sexual or dirty, so why would letting them know that sometimes mommies and mommies love each other and are married be sexual or dirty or involve “prematurely sexualizing” children?

    The only people who are dirty-minded here are the folks who oppose gay marriage, IMO.

  6. daria says:

    so many issues with ms kovar… where to start… first, there is no reason to legislate against sexual behavior based on personal disapproval. i’m no fan of BDSM for myself but have no interest in telling others what to do in their bedroom. second, ms kovar clearly is not acquainted with what goes on with married heterosexual couples unlike the commenters above, who are (like me) obviously dan savage fans. third, kindergartners should not be taught that there is only one acceptable family form. remember the song from south pacific — “carefully taught” — children approve all sorts of love unless they are specifically told to disapprove. it’s simply not about sex, but about loving partnerships. when my son told me that boys can only marry girls, i told him that most boys marry girls, but really, you love who you love.

  7. carolyncastiglia says:

    Daria – I just read this comment and quoted that song in a different post today!

  8. daria says:

    awesome! i just read that post and thought it was a very cool cosmic coincidence.

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