Colorful Farm Share Box This Week


farmshare-week2-1So this whole farm share thing is working out better than I expected it to. I actually managed to use almost everything this week. It also looks cool, at least the last box did. Very colorful.

Here’s how it went down:

Lettuce – salad. Lots of salad. Fresh salad is really really good.

Parsley – added it to the salad. Also made omelets with farm-fresh eggs.

Swiss Chard – this was a complete surprise to me. Having no idea what to do with this stuff, I asked a friend. He suggested slicing it down the middle and putting it in a pan with some olive oil and garlic. It was really good.

Squash – I have no idea what kind of squash this is. It looks cool, though. I threw it into the same pan as the chard and stir-fried it. Really tasty.

Here’s a gallery of what was in this week’s farm share box, along with some of the results I came up with, including the decidedly non-vegetarian omelet with a side of pastrami, which I’ve decided is like Jewish bacon. Mmm… pastrami…

Update on last week’s box: thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions of what to do with that stuff. I had to give some of it away because we weren’t going to be home to cook it all, but I did try the garlic scapes, which were amazing.

More next week! If you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash some vegetables.

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