Comic Book Guy Upset About Archie Marrying Veronica


Dave Luebke sold rare Archie comicComic book store owner Dave Luebke is so upset about the fact that Archie Andrews is planning to marry Veronica Lodge and not Betty Cooper, that he sold his very rare copy of Archie Comics Number 1.

To keep things in perspective here, let us consider the price that Dave got for the book — $38,837. Not bad for something that originally sold for 10 cents. Still, it would probably only go up in value if he held on to it.

Dave says that most of his customers — 99 per cent of them! — are against Archie’s pending nuptials. Archie is going to propose to Veronica in Archie Comics #600, which goes on sale this Wednesday. (Oh, like you don’t already have a copy reserved.)

This should be a fake story from The Onion. (“Worst. Issue. Ever.“) But it’s not.

I mean, this is just Archie. Who cares?

Now, when Marvel Comics zapped 20 years of continuity by making it so that Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson never got married? Because he made a deal with the devil to keep Aunt May alive? That was important.