The Drama Cure -- How to end Conference and Online Drama

blogherBlogHer ’11 is almost here… and the drama will hit Twitter as soon as the first tear drops or the first “mistake” explodes. But does it have to? Can we find the drama cure?

As I type, mom bloggers across the country are packing their bags — and some their x*nax — preparing for the largest and oldest blogging conference for women.

It is an incredible event, packed with parties, sessions, networking… and anxious bloggers.

I was surprised to read here at MomCrunch this week about my friend Cecily Kellogg’s conference anxiety. Cecily and I are conference regulars — we often laugh because we both seem to attend all the same events. But, even as a blogging conference veteran, Cecily experiences conference anxiety.

Even the incredible, rock-star blogger, MomCrunch’s Catherine Connors, wrote about her own emotional experiences at BlogHer.

It seems no one is immune to the extra emotion that comes with attending conferences.

And while emotional responses and experiences are not always a bad thing in themselves, one nasty by-product can be DRAMA!

Drama — it begins to take over the classroom as early as preschool, and seems to hit its most horrific heights as girls enter junior high, snubbing and ostracizing one another for sport.

And, we never outgrow it. Just as our insecurities and fears linger in our adult minds, so our reactions to each other can produce drama.

Conferences and life online are fertile breeding grounds for drama, with close quarters and rapidly transmitted information.

But can we learn to minimize this nonsense, reducing the hurt and wasted energy spent spinning drama through the internet?

If we will look at the source of most conference drama, it most often comes from MISUNDERSTANDINGS and MISTAKES.

Expressions, comments, busyness, there are so many times where someone misinterprets a situation and bad feelings or rumors begin to swirl. And, when it comes to making mistakes, last time I checked, I make a ton of those in my life!

When I read Cecily’s post, Conference Anxiety, I noticed that three of the five points about which she is so worried relate to misunderstandings and making mistakes. She is worried that she will unintentionally snub someone, make a joke to the wrong person, or forget someone’s name.

Let me tell you — all three of those things happen to me ALL the time. I know that I simply will NOT be able to talk to everyone and some people will take that the wrong way. And as for forgetting people’s names — I could win the prize for being the worst offender.

I am just counting on fellow bloggers offering me the same grace that I am offering everyone else.

Because really, I believe GRACE is the cure for drama, online and offline!

Almost every instance of drama, at conferences or online, can be silenced by trying to understand the situation from another person’s point of view and offering a blanket of forgiveness and humility over the entire situation.

We ALL make mistakes. And we ALL misinterpret situations.

When drama threatens to bubble up, let’s all just kill it with some GRACE.

I suck. You suck. We all suck.

So give up the drama. We are all just trying to do our best. Besides, life without drama is WAY MORE FUN!

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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