Confessions of A Breadwinner


Much has been written about how hard the life of a stay-at-home parent is. It’s widely reputed to be about the hardest job out there.

CBS’ Early Show host Erica Hill has some interesting things to say about the challenges of being on the other side of that divide. Her husband stayed home with their son for two years while Erica continued working. Being the breadwinner meant giving up a lot of time with her family, and also a lot of control of their home life.

While Hill’s husband juggled changing diapers and social scorn for his decision to stay home, she got a heaping helping of mommy guilt. Shouldn’t she be at home with her baby?

Hill found her happy place when she learned to let go of the details and focus on what really matters to her: having fun with her kid. As she says of their wonderfully imperfect life:

I did, however, slowly learn to give up control and to embrace my time at home. I learned to be mostly okay with not being the main cook or house keeper. A perfectly folded fitted sheet doesn’t make me a good mother. Making a fort out of a sheet for my son is far more important and a much better use of my time. I know that getting to the gym, meeting a girlfriend for lunch or getting my haircut is not going to ruin my children for life. It could ultimately make everyone happier but cutting back on my stress level. And learning to accept my role in our family – however unconventional it may be – will only make me a better mother.

How do you strike the balance between parenting and the rest of your life? It’s a juggling act every parent has to do, whether or not they work outside the home.

Photo: CBS