Connecting Versus Pitching


There’s no shortcut to authentic, relational engagement. It’s that simple.

I addressed this in an earlier post about “pitching” — as in, brands pitching to bloggers. It’s not limited to brand-blogger relationships though. It’s a universal truth among us human beings. The reason it applies to bloggers is because we connect first and foremost in the social spaces as people, in our shared humanity (versus our marketing objectives and brand messages).

So how does this translate when we are talking to our audiences? Even those bloggers who don’t use their blog to monetize want something from their visitors — feedback, validation, mirroring….

The same rules apply. There is not shortcut to real relational engagement. So do unto others, friends…. if we don’t like being pitched to, it’s safe to assume that our visitors won’t like it much either. If you decide to promote a product or service you believe in, count taking time to build trust and influence within your community first and create context for your relationship with this product or service. Besides, study after study has shown that on the average, consumers gather ___ data points before making a purchasing decision. Your blog could be one of them. But the chances of a first time visitor clicking on that affiliate link is slim, unless you’re really working the SEO angle.

Experts have proven that few purchases are made without the engagement of someone’s head and heart. Now this is the advantage that bloggers have — our platforms and our inclination to connect with people as more than consumers and purchasers is why we have more impact than the 30-second spot. Let’s remember that as we post — more connecting, less pitching.

photo credit: stock xchng