Contest Helps You Help The Earth


kidsquotecontest-prizes3Here’s a little contest you all might be interested in — Earthbound Farm, they of the little packs of organic carrots and big clamshells of organic salad greens, is looking for pithy quotes from kids to adorn the underside of the labels on their clamshell salad packs.

Kids are asked to complete the sentence: “Thank you for choosing organic. It matters to  me because….” It’s open to children 17 and under, and the prize is a $500 savings bond for college, which is nice and all, but the real plum for me is that the winner can choose which one of eight environmental nonprofits will get a $500 contribution. That’s a nice chunk of change and would be a cool way to teach the kid who wins about how to support causes they believe in.

Earthbound Farm is doing this because they have recently switched to post-consumer recycled content for their salad clamshells and wanted to mark (and market) the occasion.

Fur winners will be chosen in July, and one every month through the end of the year, so you have more chances to win. So encourage your kids to get creative!

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