COOL! Girl Captures 4 Years of Her Life in 41 Seconds [VIDEO]

This photo of the girl only known as madandcrazychild was taken on 10/29/11, so presumably the project is ongoing

Many parents (present company included) think they’re clever when they take the same staged photo of their baby once a month for, say, the first year of life.

But you want to read what’s really clever? A twentysomething year old woman took a picture of herself every day for four and a half years (between Sept. 29, 2006 and May 12, 2011) and then compiled them in sequence into a time lapse video.

The YouTube video (after the jump) of the girl only known as madandcrazychild links to a blog site, where she simply writes: “my face has grown out of the front of my head since birth. there seems to be very little I can do about it.”

Check out the 4+ year evolution of a young woman in just 41 seconds (and maybe think about taking your kid’s picture more often than once a month):

Image via Flickr

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