Cops Jail Kid for Possession of Stolen Chocolate


chocolate-frogA twelve-year-old spent several hours in a jail cell because police said he was in possession of stolen property. The property? A chocolate frog worth less than a dollar.

The boy’s friend allegedly ripped off a local store, stealing both the frog and a sign that read “Do not enter, genius at work.” He passed it along to the twelve-year-old, who was apprehended by police at his school.

The cops said the child failed to show up for his court date (his lawyer says there was a misunderstanding), so they took him from school and placed him in a jail cell for several hours.

Over a piece of chocolate and a sign? Which he didn’t even steal?

The issue is also tinged with some racism. It all happened in Australia, and the kid in trouble happens to be Aboriginal. Representing about two percent of the population, the Aboriginal residents of Australia represent the “poorest, unhealthiest and most disadvantaged minority, with an average life span 12 years shorter than other Australians.”

The boy’s lawyer doesn’t think a chocolate frog is worth time in the slammer – and he’s sure it wouldn’t have happened to a white kid from a ritzy neighborhood. What do you bet he’s right?

Image: Sodahead

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