Copyright Alert System Rolling Out In US


copyrightalertsystemHave you had your blog posts scraped? What about your photos; have you found them on any sketchy sites? Or what about the flipside; enjoyed any torrents lately?

Well, that might all change.

Today begins the roll out of the new Copyright Alert System, the latest attempt to stop piracy on the internet.

Yes, I know. FAT CHANCE, right?

Here’s what Gizmodo had to say.

The Internet is a huge problem for copyright holders. Their businesses are dying, and really, why would anybody bother to pay for stuff when it is so easy to get it for free on BitTorrent. So far, the rights holders have tried everything from suing customers to trolling Google to stop piracy, and it has all failed. This might be their last best hope at shutting down piracy—or at least better containing it. […]

The idea is to inform users that they’re doing something wrong—in case they thought it was legal—to give them ample time to correct their behavior and learn about legal ways to acquire what they want before something crazy like a lawsuit happens. Importantly, the ISPs won’t give up any information about the individuals fingered with copyright alerts unless required to do so by subpoena or other court order.

Here’s how it supposed to work. Stay tuned to see if it does, in fact, work.

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