Couple Abducts Their Own 8 Biological Children From Foster Care

Shanel Nadal

In a bizarre story, a New York City couple abducted their own eight children from a foster care facility on Monday.

Mom Shanel Nadal, visited her children at the Forestdale child agency on Monday afternoon. It was a regular visit for Nadal, who has seven boys between 4 and 11 years old (strangely enough each named Nephra Payne) and an 11-month-old girl named Nefertiti.  At some point in the visit, Nadal sneaked the children out of the foster care facility and hasn’t been seen since.

Nadal is believed to have fled with the kids and their father, Nephra Payne, 34, in a black 1996 Chevrolet Suburban.

The children were taken away from the parents due to abuse and neglect so it’s debatable whether these kids are safe alone with their mother and father. How in the world did the foster care authorities not notice eight children being led out by their abusive parents who lost custody of them?

While the children are with their own biological parents, this mom and dad proved unfit to parent, so the kids’ safety is questionable at best.

The NY Daily News reports that the foster parents of three of the children fear the worst. Corey King, 31, whose sister Linda Mitchell has fostered five of the boys for the past three years, said he and his sister were devastated:

“These kids were taken away from their parents for domestic abuse. We are worried for their safety. We are afraid they might get hurt.”

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