Couple Has Baby... Then Finds Out They're Siblings


The Daily Mail reported yesterday on an explosive story about a young Irish couple referred to as “James” and “Maura” who met in a nightclub two years ago, had a child, and then discovered they are in fact half-siblings.

James and Maura were “instantly smitten and so strong was their mutual attraction that just one week later they both felt they’d known each other for a lifetime.”  This phenomenon, known as genetic sexual attraction, is occurring more frequently as adopted children and the children of egg and sperm donors meet as adults.  You may think these types of reunions are not commonplace, but technology has allowed people to find long-lost relatives quite easily.  And in the case of James and Maura, they met accidentally – despite living 100 miles apart.

James and Maura did not know they were siblings because James’ mother listed a man who is not James’ father on his birth certificate.  Despite their shocking discovery, James and Maura are planning to stay together and have more children.  They’ve come forward with their story to help others in the same situation and are considering “a landmark civil case against the judge and a child psychologist involved in the family law case” that allowed James’ mother to lie about his parentage.

James said, “I would like to meet the judge and the psychologist and ask them how they thought this was the right decision.  They would not do this to their own families.  There are others like us and I think that if mothers were forced to name the child’s father on the birth certificate, then this would not happen.”

John Waters, columnist for The Irish Times and long-time proponent of fathers’ rights, said of the case, “The facts of this case reveal the moral destination point of our corrupt and inhuman system of family law. Such cases are inevitable in a culture which regards with contempt the bind of blood and soul that exists between a father and a child.”

So, who is at fault here?  Do we blame the mother for lying to her son about his true identity?  The government for allowing such falsehoods to stand as truths?  The couple for wanting to stay together even though they know now they’re incestuous?  Should the couple be forced apart and prevented from having more children?  What about the child they already have?  Oy!  This is Shakespearean level drama.  As far as the couple is concerned, James and Maura seem to be hoping for a happy ending.  But if they have more children, their children face potential physical problems as well as years of torment, which could turn the whole thing into a tragedy.

Photo: The Daily Mail

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