Couple Has Rare Identical Triplets on Wedding Anniversary


faher-familyI’ve heard of silver, gold, even cotton and paper for the wedding anniversary. But Amanda and Matthew Faher gave each other three big gifts for their third wedding anniversary – rare identical triplets.

All boys (remember, they’re identical), the babies were born in a Pittsburgh hospital to the Fahers, both attornies on Sept. 30. Amanda was thirty-three weeks along when doctors decided to take the boys (delivering in room 1233 – another cool numerical twist) because she’d developed pre-eclampsia.

Although multiple births are becoming more and more common, the kids are by and large fraternal,  making the Fahers’ case extremely rare. One egg splitting into three is considered a one-in-a-million (or should that be three-in-a-million) chance. The couple told the media they did not use fertility drugs for conception.

But they do have multiples on either side of the family.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Matthew Aaron, Nathan Brady and Michael Christopher all weighed around five pounds, and mom and babies are doing just fine.

Image: Tribune-Review

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