Couple Names Baby Sandy After Hurricane

Couple Names Baby Sandy After Hurricane
The happy couple with their newborn Sandy

Most couples want to pick a name for their baby that is unique, and ideally would conjure up warm and fuzzy thoughts. Well, one Brooklyn, New York, couple settled for one out of two.

When Anahi Sanchez Moreno went into labor on the day that Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, she and her husband, Fernando Dimas Martinez decided to name their daughter Sandy, after the superstorm.

They say they agreed to do so about an hour before she born. The NY Daily News reports that Sandra (Sandy) Sanchez was born at 5:43 p.m. at Maimonides Medical Center just a few hours before Hurricane Sandy unleashed terror upon the city.

Moreno has a unique perspective:

“The hurricane was horrible outside, but there are also beautiful things that happened. I saw a lot of babies being born and that had nothing to do with the awful things going on outside.”

Martinez said he wanted to pick a name that people would not soon forget.

It’s been a strange week in baby naming to say the least. On Tuesday, a Kenyan mother named her twin boys, Barack and Mitt. 

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