Couple Tries Selling Baby for $30


Man, this economy has affected everything.

Even, apparently, the price of a brand new baby.

Robert G. Ellingson, 23, strolled up to a couple of people in a Pet Smart parking lot and offered them a beer. Seems like a nice enough, though inappropriate offer. When the two declined, Ellingson made an even more inappropriate offer: would they live to buy his child for $30? Just to prove it wasn’t a joke, the mother yelled they indeed wanted to see the two-month-old baby.

Ellingson and the baby’s mother already attempted to sell the baby an hour earlier in a bank parking lot.

Why on earth did they need $30 so bad?

Well this couple will get half their wish; the baby will definitely get taken off their hands, thanks to The Division of Children and Families. As for the $30? I’m willing to pony up the 30 as long Ellingson and the baby’s mother agree to never procreate again.

Source: Sun Sentinel