Couple Wraps Fetus And Places Under Christmas Tree


Christmas presents under the treeThink you’ve heard the most bizarre gift story of the season? Not yet. A couple in Texas wrapped a fetus in a gift box and placed it under the Christmas tree.

Yes, I said a fetus.

San Juan police say the woman induced her own abortion at seven months pregnant with the use of some sort of pill. When she couldn’t flush it down the toilet, the AP reports she opted to slip the fetus into a gift box and place it under the tree.

That’s where cops found it when they entered Ruby Lee Medina and Juan Gonzalez’s trailer on an anonymous tip.

A profoundly sad story – that someone felt desperate enough to induce their own abortion. There’s no explanation of why she did it – at seven months, however, it may simply have been too difficult to find a doctor willing to do a late term abortion.

That said, she’s hardly a good example of the prime candidate for late term abortion – most often women who very much wanted a baby and came upon a difficulty but have respect for the fetus they are aborting. Trying to flush it? Sticking it in a gift box? Disgusting – and we don’t mean all that fluid.

Image: alan cleaver 2000 via flickr

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