Couple's Secret to Marriage: Dressing Alike for 30 Years



Is THIS the secret to a long, happy marriage?

Did the husband do this under threat of death? I mean, was he incapacitated in some way?

That was my first thought when hearing about the couple who has dressed alike for 30 of their 64 years of marriage.

That’s right, as reported on CNN, Mel and Joey Schwanke’s closet holds the secret to their happy marriage. That means that, at the very least, 86-year-old Mel’s tie is an exact match to 81-year-old Joey’s dress.

The Nebraska couple has a closet full of custom-made outfits and they pick their outfit each morning.

The couple is as cute and happy as can be so do matching outfits really make for a long-lasting marriage? If you stick with the entire video Mel Schwanke reveals his true secret to marriage and if all men followed Mel’s lead I think divorce would be nearly extinct.

Take a look.

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