CPSC Found No Link Between Pampers Dry Max and Diaper Rash


Remember a few months ago when a rash of complaints from parents resulted in lawsuits against Pampers, the makers of the Dry Max diapers accused of causing chemical burns?  Pampers executives felt they’d been the victims of a smear campaign coming from Huggies, thus resulting in “The Diaper Wars.”

Well, guess what?  According to an evaluation released today by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Pampers execs may have been right.

According to the CPSC’s press release, they have “reviewed consumer incident reports and other information involving Pampers Dry Max diapers. To date, the review has not identified any specific cause linking Dry Max diapers to diaper rash.”

They note that of the 4,700 incident reports they’ve received since April, “nearly 85 percent of these complaints came in May and then dropped off significantly.”  To put it colloquially: that sounds pretty shady to me.  “As part of its technical evaluation, staff considered certain characteristics of the diaper, including the materials used, the construction of the diaper, and heat and moisture retention issues.”  They also “reviewed clinical and toxicological data found in published, peer-reviewed medical literature” and “critically reviewed data submitted by Procter & Gamble (P&G) and the results of a human cumulative irritation patch study conducted by P&G in May 2010.”

If Pampers were the victims of a smear campaign, I have to ask: why?  We all know by now that the Internet is a very powerful tool, but who is so unethical as to harness it in such a way?  It frightens me that the makers of a baby product would stoop so low.  What parent would be willing to lie about their baby having a chemical burn?  Moreover, who has the time?  If the parents who have complained are telling the truth, then why is it that the CPSC found no evidence that Dry Max is a faulty product?  Has anyone out there used Dry Max?  Let me know what you think.


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