Crayon Maker's Longtime Secret


When Emerson Moser retired from Crayola, the crayon-making behemoth, he caused a bit of a stir. The man who had a 37-year-long career and worked his way up to senior crayon maker had a secret.

After making 1.4 billion crayons — including issuing a limited-edition Robin’s Egg blue to mark the billionth waxy color stick made by his company — Moser told his peers this:

He is colorblind.

Huh. And he made crayons?

Of course, colorblindness doesn’t mean one sees only in black and white. Rather, Moser was red/green colorblind, meaning he couldn’t distinguish between red and green (Fred Rogers and Paul Newman were red/green colorblind as well).

Still. Wow!

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