Crayons For Your Baby Geek


The clever folks at Make magazine have dug up an Etsy seller offering chemistry themed crayons. These are awesome: brilliant colors tagged with shades straight from your 7th grade chemistry class.

These crayons are perfect for the Baby Einstein who just won’t be satisfied until they’ve shaded in their technical schematics with colors like lithium, rhodolite and olivine.

This is a delicious idea, and made me wonder what other creative color sets one could cook up for your kids’ crayons. I’d love to see a “Colors of the Ancient World” set, in varying shades of beige and muted green, with the occasional indigo crayon. What about “The Vegetable Kingdom”? “Mood Colors”? “Shades My Mom’s Hair Has Been”?

OK, that last one might only be exciting at my house.

Last week we learned that one of Crayola’s top crayon makers for the past 30 years was colorblind. This week we’re finding fascinating small batch crayons for our baby chemists.

What sort of cool crayons have you run across? If you could make any color set, what would you choose?

Photo: QueInteresante