Crazy Stuff A Mom Says


Are you familiar with the Twitter phenom “Crazy Stuff My Dad Says”? If not, familiarize yourself. (even if it’s fixed, it’s still brilliant) Not to be left out of the “WTF did you just say” trend, blogger sarcastic mom has complied a list of nutty things that came out of her mouth over a three day span. Such hits as:

No matter how many times you scream, you’ll still have to take a nap.

Pee goes in the toilet.

No, I won’t kiss your poo poo bum. (????)

Hahaha. Ok, really, don’t honk Mommy’s boobies. Hahahahahaha.

Seriously, you really did just ask me for this exact thing, why are screaming no when I give you what you wanted?

No, that is a tampon. Give it back to Mommy, please.

Do not fill up your mouth with milk and then let it drool out onto the floor on purpose.

Don’t hit people with your head!

Some people don’t like it when you yell at them about their boobies.

Say you’re sorry. You need to say, “Sorry for locking you out, Mommy.”

It’s not nice to smear your poop on the mirror.

catch the full list here.

As a mom, what are some of the most common phrases you find slipping out of your mouth (perhaps with much volume and velocity)?


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