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Mominee All-Stars


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    Mominee All-Stars: Innovative, inventive, and inspiring moms The best part of our Mominations contest? Discovering extraordinary women who are acting on their inspirations and re-inventing their worlds. Here, we salute 10 of the most innovative moms to enter the contest! May they empower you to take that risk you’ve always wanted to take and better your life in a way only you can!

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    1: Ana White

    Mominee All-Stars: Ana White Many people dream of owning their own home, but how many dream of building theirs? That’s what Ana did. And we don’t mean that she hired someone to carry out her designs. She and her husband built their house together from the ground up — and she was even nursing her baby at the time! Since completing her house, Ana has created her own D.I.Y. furniture line by crafting pieces herself and posting the plans on her website for other moms to download and use. Check out her stylish designs of everything from benches to beds!

    From her Momination: “If you want a Mom who is changing the world, one mom at a time, it’s this woman. She is affecting thousands, if not millions, of women, telling them they can do something traditionally done by men.”

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    2: Denise Karson

    Mominee All-Stars: Denise Karson Denise is more than an entrepreneur — she’s a risk-taker. After divorcing in her 50s, she returned to college to finish her degree to better support her two children. Denise then used her education to start a project with a purpose. Tired of beauty companies claiming to be organic when they were using chemical ingredients, Denise decided to take them on herself by creating her own fab, all-natural beauty line. Her company, YUM Scrub!, is now at 13 products and counting.

    From her Momination: “Denise is an inspiration! She knows that as long as she approaches life with a positive, light heart, she’ll move mountains.”

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    3: Lori Ingber

    Mominee All-Stars: Lori Ingber When Lori’s sister lost hope during her long wait to adopt a child, Lori decided to shorten the wait herself. She followed a lead for an adoption agency that she heard had an overflow of homeless children, and sure enough, the lead came through. Lori’s sister was soon mom to a beautiful boy and girl. While some might have stopped there, Lori realized the communication between in- and out-of-state agencies was sorely lacking. She created Parent Match, a way for adoption agencies to connect online. Her website is now used nationwide to bring families together.

    From her Momination: “Because of Lori, adoption agencies have a powerful new tool to find perfect matches between parents and children, just as Lori found the perfect children for me.”

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    4: Kara Goldin

    Mominee All-Stars: Kara Goldin Kara, a former online tycoon and current mother of four, credits her children as the inspiration for HINT water. At the start of the organic food boom, she noticed her kids were eating well, but they were still drinking the same sugary juices and sodas. Kara was desperate for a healthy alternative but didn’t have any ideas — until her daughter tried a glass of water with a slice of lime (just like her mom drinks) and liked it! A company was born. You can now buy HINT at grocery stores nationwide.

    From her Momination: “Kara is greatly respected by her colleagues past and present for her creativity, drive, and ability to get things done – transforming concepts into reality.”

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    5: Randy Rastello-Mcmanus

    Mominee All-Stars: Randy Rastello-Mcmanus Is your family missing a tradition that can be passed down through the generations? Why not create you own? That’s what Randy and her daughter are doing at Darling Designs of New York, a mother-daughter run jewelry shop. They describe their beautiful pieces as expressions of the special love between a mother and a daughter. In addition to the family jewels, Randy is instilling in her daughter the tradition of running a company, creating a quality product, and maintaining great customer service.

    From her Momination: “I'm sure this designer will be very well known real soon!”

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    6: Nicole Bernard Dawes

    Mominee All-Stars: Nicole Bernard Dawes As the CEO and co-founder of Late July Organic Snacks, Nicole truly knows the value of her nutritious snack options for on-the-go families. In addition to making the healthiest products possible (and being a mom!), Nicole is busy working to preserve the environment. She is a board member of the Organic Trade Association, has testified before Congress on the economic impact of organic agriculture, and runs Late July using green practices. She’s truly doing her part to keep the whole world in good health!

    From her Momination: “Nicole’s refusal to compromise on the quality and integrity of ingredients stems from the fact that she will not make any products that she wouldn’t feed her own children.”

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    7: Lyss Stern

    Mominee All-Stars: Lyss Stern Should women lose their “me” time once they become moms? We certainly don’t think so, and neither does Divalyssious Moms, the event-hosting company for NYC’s high-heeled and fab-tastic mommies, founded by Lyss. After becoming a mom herself, Lyss discovered she either felt guilty for leaving her kids or awkward for no longer being single when she’d go out for the evening. She created Divalyssious so other moms could get together and have fun, sans the shame. The company hosts two events per month, and each event is tied to a philanthropic partner. Lyss is currently working to expand the company nationally.

    From her Momination: “In just eight years, Divalysscious Moms, which started as a few friends working out of Lyss’ living room, has turned into the hippest mom-event brand in the New York City area.”

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    8: Grainne Kelly

    Mominee All-Stars: Grainne Kelly Like many modern moms, Grainne travels with her family a lot. When her trip plans with her children were constantly derailed by her rental cars’ lack of child seats, Grainne knew she’d found a great niche market. She created BubbleBum, a portable, inflatable car seat that can truly trek anywhere. Grainne’s BYO car seat idea is not only a safe one, but it’s also cost-effective compared to the rental car seat option, as the one-time cost saves loads of money — especially for families with multiple children. (And, yes, BubbleBum is certified for safety!) Scope out the latest boosters for your own kids.

    From her Momination: “Grainne is not only an amazing entrepreneur who is dedicated to child passenger safety, she is also kind, loyal, inspirational, funny and above all else, a fantastic mom! I am lucky to count her as a dear friend.”

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    9: Angela Santomero

    Mominee All-Stars: Angela Santomero Her name might be new, but odds are, you and your kids are already familiar with Angela’s work. At just 23-years-old, Angela created the hit TV show Blue’s Clues and has been working tirelessly ever since to use television as a tool to teach. Her current PBS show, Super Why, is helping children across the country learn how to read. Research from the University of Pennsylvania at Annenburg shows that kids who watch Super Why score higher on standardized literacy tests than those who do not watch the show. Who would have imagined TV would actually improve children’s reading scores?

    From her Momination: “I first met Angela in college and now many years later my little ones are big fans of her awesome shows. It’s nice to see a former classmate who has put her passion and talent to such good use.”

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    10: Nellie Akalp

    Mominee All-Stars: Nellie Akalp The original founder of MyCorporation
    .com, Nellie has made a career of helping small businesses achieve the level of success she has found with her websites. That is, Nellie’s business is other people’s business. After she and her husband sold MyCorporation.com to Intuit in 2005, she created her latest site, CorpNet.com, an online legal document filing service that forms LLCs and Incs quickly and cheaply for budding entrepreneurs. Nellie’s greatest passion is helping people find their footing in the business world the right way, with the right information. She believes everyone deserves his or her own chance at professional fulfillment, no matter the size of their company or level of experience.

    From her Momination: “She is not only just the founder of a successful company, but she is the creator of a beautiful family of three children. She and her husband — her business partner — have discovered the key to a successful marriage, family and business.”

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