Creepiest Baby Art Ever . . . or Cruelty to Meat?


Let me just say this picture made me glad to be a vegetarian. And I’m not one of those rabid “you’re going to the firey pits of hell vegetarians,” but this picture represents cruelty to a cow carcass if there ever was such a thing.

Ready for it? Come on . . .


This has apparently been around the Internet for awhile, but as I travel in fairly meat-free circles (not to mention horrific depictions of babies-free ones), I was walking around the world blissfully unaware. Now that I’ve found it though, I just had to share the gut-wrenching digustingness.

Hey, I might bring more of you over to the dark herbivoric side, right?

What do you think? Need to go wash your eyes out with some acid? By the way, if you think that’s bad, go see what they did to My Little Pony.

Image: The Chive

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