Creepiest Use of a My Little Pony Ever


mylittleponyI’ve seen some pretty horrifying things done to toys – I am a big sister to a little brother, after all (Barbie, may you rest in peace). But this one takes the cake (click through to see what they’ve done to My Little Pony).

Cut in half (in honor of My Little Pony’s 25th anniversary, according to the crafter’s Website), this half a horse is supposed to be worn on the chest as a brooch.


Because nothing says style like a big butt full of plastic hair hanging off your lapel.

And what did they do with the head, we wonder? Drop it Godfather-style in Mom and Dad’s bed? Leave the pony, take the canoli!

Thanks (I think) go to my friend who spends too much time on Etsy for sending this my way . . . and more thanks go to her for not showing my daughter. Considering the near heart attack she had when Elmo lost his blanket on Elmo in Grouchland, she’d probably mourn the loss of a pony head for the rest of the week.

What do you think of this “touched up” toy?

Image: luxfordst

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