Creepy! 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Re-Cut Into a Horror Film (Video)


My family and I have a standing date on Friday nights. We put on our pajamas, pop a bowl of popcorn, and try and agree on a movie that we can all enjoy. This past Friday we watched Jumanji, a film my 5-year-old adored almost as much as I did as a child.

Watching it got me thinking about all the Robin Williams flicks I loved as a kid. He starred in so many classics, like Aladdin, Ferngully, and Mrs. Doubtfire.

It’s that last one I remember most fondly. This may be bizarre, but from an early age I’ve had a soft spot for Sally Fields and watching her on screen with Robin Williams was hours of entertainment for 9-year-old me. I bet my  mom had an extra glass of wine after bedtime in the months following the purchase of our very own copy of Mrs. Doubtfire on VHS.

I hadn’t thought about that film in years until recently when I stumbled across this clip of the movie re-cut into a horror movie and now I’ll never be able to think of it quite the same. Looking at it as an adult, the premise is a bit creepy — a dad loses custody of his children so he has his brother make him a rubber old lady mask and is then hired by his ex-wife as the family nanny to lurk amongst his children who have no idea it’s their dad in costume.

It’s a video you have to see if you were fond of the film. Watch it here:



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