Criminals Take Trick-or-Treat To A Whole New Disgusting Level: Looters Abound After Hurricane Sandy

Criminals Take Trick-or-Treat To A Whole New Disgusting Level: Looters Abound After Hurricane Sandy via Babble
Breezy Point, New York after Hurricane Sandy

While many mayors have canceled Halloween and countless parents are making back-up plans due to Hurricane Sandy, there is good reason to skip the outside festivities and do something inside instead.

Looters have apparently come out in droves and are using this natural disaster as an excuse to steal. On top of that, and this is even more disturbing, people came out dressed as Con Edison workers, knocked on the doors of the already suffered elderly and held them up.

In light of the mass destruction that has taken place in New York and beyond the past couple of days, we have heard so many stories of people banding together and helping each other. However, there are always stories like this.

I can say firsthand that what occurred here was startling, unfathomable and frightening. Bodies are still being recovered from homes and thousands others will be homeless. There are many people still trapped in their homes.

When something this tragic occurs , some people’s minds are fragile, if not unstable. Everyone will take what they have been through and witnessed in a very different way. Some people are virtually unscathed while others lives’ have been turned upside down by losing loved ones.

In light of this disaster, the more that we can keep our kids happy today on Halloween, a holiday that kids look forward to all year long, the better.

Image:  LaiMiller


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