Crowd Sourcing Hurricane Irene Advice

Hurricane Irene, heading to the East Coast

Yes, this is my second natural disaster post in as many days, but we here on the northern half of the East Coast are prepared for the odd N’oreaster and snow (sort of), but earthquakes and hurricanes?

That’s not usually our weather challenge.

I live in Philadelphia, and while we have some strong winds and rain pretty frequently, we don’t usually have the hurricanes pass RIGHT over us. Last June we had a small tornado touch down in our area and it cause some MASSIVE destruction, and Hurricane Irene looks to be FAR worse, so I need some help to prepare.

So, naturally, I turned to Twitter. And Twitter came through.

from @charlynnwhite
from @Debontherocks and @awholelotofnothing
Great mom advice from @Thedivasmommy
from @its_gail
from @pictou

Reading through these and the other tweets, I have my list for tonight and tomorrow:

• double check all prescription and non-prescription medications

• stock up on food for all, including dog

• do my laundry and my daughter’s laundry

• Saturday night, fill bathtub (after bathing kid)

• charge everything, and buy back up charge for cell phone

• get a new can opener (okay, that didn’t come in a tweet, but ours sucks)

I feel far better prepared, thanks to Twitter!

Of course, this last tweet offers some wise words for those of us media savvy moms. Heh.

from @mommiesarelight

Be careful, and please, be safe. All thoughts and prayers are with those at the coasts!