Cruise Line Adds Kid Lo-Jack Device


royal-caribbean-shipTaking your kids on vacation doesn’t have to spoil the fun anymore thanks to Royal Caribbean.  They’ve put in a lo-jack for kids – so you don’t have to watch the little brats every second of the day.

Er, we mean . . .

The child tracker is meant to ease parents’ minds when their kids wander the ship. Wristbands will be required of every child onboard, and each will be equipped with a passive electronic device for parents to track their every movement (hey, is that kid in the casino again?).

The cruise line has also announced a new ship specific cell phone system, Royal Connect, which can be rented out for use on the ship. Equipped with texting, parents can use them to check in with their kids (or other adults in their party – think about it, no having to see your mother-in-law face-to-face to arrange dinner for the fam), and call onboard destinations to make reservations.

The phones will be $17.50 for the duration of the cruise, but you might want to tell your kid to hold tight – don’t return it and you’ll get slammed with a $1,000 fee.

Image: Tom Mascardo via flickr

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