Crystal Bowersox, BP Oil Spill, and What Happens When Kids Are Too Quiet


Lost loveys are serious business to toddlers and their exasperated parents.  One family alerted the neighborhood to their search for their toddler’s lost toy with a lost dolly poster, complete with $20 reward.  How far would you go to get your tot’s lovey back? — LilSugar

You know the feeling:  You’re busy with something, happy to finally have a couple of free minutes while the kids play, and then suddenly things seem ominously quiet.  Check out Momlogic’s chart:  When preschoolers are quiet.  It’s scientifically accurate.

Single mom Crystal Bowersox lost to Lee DeWyze on American Idol last night, but she’s handling it with her typical style and grace.  “My life is never going to be the same, and I’m ready for all of it.”  During her audition, she said she was entering the competition to make a better life for her and her son.  I’d say she’s succeeded! — MTV

There are optimistic signs that the top kill procedure on the BP oil leak is working, but BP’s COO says he’s not drawing any conclusions yet.  How have you handled discussing this disaster with your kids?

A 12-year-old girl stayed cool when burglars entered her home recently.  She hid under the covers and called 911, and at one point one of the intruders stood right next to her bed, staring at the place she was hiding.  Police came and arrested all three suspects.  Most kids won’t have to deal with an intruder, but it’s a good reminder to prep tweens and teens before leaving them home alone. — Parentdish