Curious George Gets a Christmas Movie


curious-george-christmasIf you’re looking to keep the kids occupied in one room for the adults six hundredth watching of Clark W. Griswold’s holiday antics, there’s a monkey who will keep them so transfixed you can’t wrench them away.

Curious George has been given his own Christmas flick, and it’s a holiday hit for the kids.

Mind you I said the kids. At fifty-eight minutes, Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas went on too long for mom. But if your kids love the PBS show, this animated feature is tailor made for them (for parents who love the show, just in short doses, here’s my one warnings: it’s almost an hour long).

Stocked with the usual suspects, the Christmas show is your typical monkey means well, monkey messes up, but in the end everyone loves each other. Which is especially good at Christmas, and George writing up his wish list can open the door for the talk on what the kids want this year vs. what they need (in this economy, a LOT of people are having that one). Helped along by a story that’s heavy on valuing the gift of giving, it’s a message movie that happens to be full of as much fun as a barrel of monkeys.

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