Custody Agreement Reached for Michael Jacksons Kids


mjAccording to an unnamed source, Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson have reached an amicable custody agreement out of court. Paris, Blanket, and Prince Michael will be granted sole custody to their grandmother, while Rowe will have “meaningful visitation rights.”

While I have no reason to believe Katherine herself is an unfit parent, it’s upsetting that the children will be in sole custody of a woman who is nearly eighty—and still married to a man who abused his own children horribly, ostensibly in the name of show business. This is even more disturbing considering Joe Jackson’s remarks to Good Morning America about Blanket and Paris’ talent potential.

I also can’t help thinking that it must be hard for Prince Michael and Paris that their biological mother seems to have little interest in raising the kids herself—though she has said that she would like to “establish a relationship with them gradually.”

Let’s hope we can trust reports that the children will primarily be cared for by Rebbie Jackson, a loving aunt who mostly stays out of the limelight. Although she was not explicitly mentioned in the agreement, it’s clear that the Jackson kids are being brought up not just by their grandmother, but also by Jackson’s extended family.

Probably the best news to come out of this custody agreement is that it stipulates that Rowe and Katherine Jackson will split the cost of a psychologist for the three children.

Photo: Getty Images, via ET