Cute Alert: Tiny Dancer Cuts a Rug at Checkout (Video)

Tiny Dancer

There is nothing like the sheer freedom that a toddler possesses. They say, do and behave in any kind of manner that suits their fancy. An example of this? This adorable 2-year-old showing off her dance moves at the checkout counter of a store.

It’s starts slowly enough with the little girl staring in the mirror and admiring her outfit, the pinkness, the twirl of the skirt, her whole ensemble. And than she starts to bust a move with out a care in the world. It’s something that the Huffington Post points out we at adults can’t get away with saying that even though the thought of busting out might cross your mind, “you refrain because society isn’t exactly accepting of people dancing at random. You tap your foot, bop your head and work through the urge to move.” But not this girl, she goes for it and it’s pretty darn adorable.

Check out the video right here:

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