Cute! Baby! Animals!


tamarinsMaybe the parenting connection here is tenuous, but cute baby animals! Cute little orphamed baby animals, no less, being raised by zookeepers at the Denver Zoo!

These two tiny so-ugly-they’re cute little critters are emperor tamarins, which are native to the South American tropical rainforest. Their names are Lara and Lucy, and they were born last month. Sadly, just a few weeks after these twin females were born, their mother, Yana, died of cancer.

Zookeepers are now feeding these tiny babies with a syringe and grooming them with a toothbrush. That’s right a toothbrush, that’s how tiny they are. They’re trying to hand raise them in the absence of their mother, or any other tamarins who can take on the role.

Emperor tamarins are named for either German empereor Wilhelm II or Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I. Both rulers were known for having large mustaches, and these little cuties, when they grow up, will sprout an enormous, walruslike tuft of facial hair.

Yes, yes, they get even cuter.

I guess the parenting connection here is that we are so hardwired to care for little vulnerable creatures that we’ll even cross species to give a fragile little creature a chance at life.

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