Cuteness Alert - Babies In Wigs!


866952339_e1237254911Here’s what not to get baby for Christmas:  A wig.  Yes, they’re usually born with crazy hair, reverse mohawks, or no hair at all.  But if you cover that  soft baby mop with a mane of fake hair, how will you ever inhale that sweet baby smell?

Also: Babies in wigs just look weird.  The Frisky has put together a babies in wigs gallery.  Here are some of my favs:

baby-wig-mulletjoedirt2ay1The Joe Dirt

baby-wig-donalsdonald-trump-picture-1The Donald

baby_wig beyonce_96_colorInspired by Beyonce

I mean, seriously.  Did we learn nothing from the whole baby bangs fiasco?  (The wigs are dumb, but the babies?  They’re still pretty cute.)

Would you ever put your baby in a wig?

Photo: mattieb, Flickr


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