Cuteness Alert: Two-Year-Old Recites Tongue Twister (Video)

Cuteness Alert: Two-Year-Old Recites Tongue Twister (Video) via Babble
Two-year-old Ada prepping for her reading

We know…. you stayed up entirely too late last night, or you were kept up by sick kids (looks like flu season is in full motion!), or you are simply suffering the after-effects of one hell of a hangover. While you might not want to read some hard news this morning, odds are you can use a good chuckle.

So, in light of New Year’s Eve and its after-effects, here is a riddle for you… what’s funnier than having a friend repeat a difficult tongue twister? Well, it’s got to be having a two-year-old repeat a classic.

Two-year-old Ada, from Dublin, Ireland, does quite an impressive job of reciting “Peter Pepper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers.”

Plus, it’s adorable.

See it for yourself here.


Happy New Year!


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