Cutest. Baby. Photos. Ever.


Every mom thinks her baby is the cutest, and takes about 15,000 photos to prove it.

Baby Mila’s mama might actually be right. Her baby photos are the cutest thing ever. In almost daily posts, she poses her sleeping baby in dream sequences and snaps a photo. Mila has been a rockstar, a city-eating monster, and a butterfly. All in her sleep.

Watch your back, Anne Geddes! These images are so sweet, they’ll make your heart melt.

I love the simplicity and creativity this mom has. I also cannot believe she finds the time to do this. There’s so much sweet joy in these images. I don’t know how she can manage it while also taking care of a baby, but I’m glad she does.

Have you taken ridiculously cute, creative pictures of your kids? Share ’em in the comments.

Photo: Mila’s mom