Cutest Little Liar Ever Caught on Video

What food on my mouth? Oooooh.

I remember writing down my son’s first lie in his baby book. While not one of my proudest parenting moments in the memory banks, I noted it because it marked the transformation of my baby into a willful toddler who was growing up and becoming aware that he was a separate being from me — with his own desires and needs. I also wrote it down because it was hilarious.

A toddler’s attempts to lie are still steeped in an innocence that makes the lies more funny than mean-spirited, so it’s easy to forgive them. You can’t really hold their lies against them when they’re so outrageously bad at it, after all.

And if you’ve ever seen a two-year-old trying to stick with a lie — you know that it is comedy gold. The folks at The Stir were lucky enough to find a video that a mom took of her donut-lovin’ toddler trying to weasel his way out of trouble and into MORE donuts. It is priceless…


I think I’d have to follow mom’s suit and let him off with a warning and a steep fine of kisses for his donut-stealing infraction.

Video via YouTube.

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