Cyber Monday?! Join the Crowd


Can you believe it? I’m always awed at the commerce machine’s ability to create another “holiday” around shopping, hopping on the wave of people who are strategically steering clear of the malls and getting as much of their holiday shopping done online… as in, me!!! It all started in 2005, but it took a few years to catch on. It wasn’t until 2009 that online sales on Cyber Monday were greater than on Black Friday.

Last year, Cyber Monday sales topped $1 billion. Yes, that’s billion with a B. According to the L.A. Times, it was the #1 day for online sales in 2010. The pundits have forecasted record sales for today with online retailers Amazon and Best Buy pushing deals hard. I can see the appeal. Thinking back on years when I was stuck in an office job during prime shopping hours, or even now, when braving the hordes at the mall make me break out in hives, I can sit in the comfort of my home and do a quick search for Cyber Monday Deals.

What did I find? $100 off a digital camera on Amazon or $290 off a 42-inch monitor and let’s not forget Amazon Kindle Fire. Oh, if I were not a Mac girl. Seriously, this 7-inch tablet is $199… which means I could get TWO of them for less than the price of an iPad. Do you realize the significance of this? This means that my kids could be watching TWO different movies on our road trip to Florida… two different movies from the Amazon movie library. Apple, please get that iPad mini out soon!

Mashable has a great round-up of the Top 15 best Cyber Monday deals from Best Buy, with the Apple MacBook Pro topping the list. I guess it’s not too shocking that as of 3pm EST, Cyber Monday sales were up 15% from last year,

A growing push by retailers has helped morph perception into reality, said IBM’s John Squire on CNN. “Now that we’re starting to see some retailers promote Cyber Monday in their stores, I think we’re really starting to ingrain this as the ‘next big shopping day,’ ” said Squire, chief strategy officer for IBM Smarter Commerce.

So if you didn’t get enough of the spending/shopping spree last Friday, apparently you’re not alone!

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