Dad Attempts Murder of Man Who Fondled Son


manuel-vegaEver said “I’d kill someone who laid a hand on my kid?” A Florida dad has been charged with trying to.

Manuel Vega’s three-year-old told himLuke Petruschke had touched him sexually during a visit to Petruschke’s home. Now police say Vega and a friend went back to Petruschke’s house, forced their way in and beat him up.

Petruschke’s now facing charges for lewd and lascivious molestation but according to CBS4, he’s doing it from intensive care at a Florida hospital. Meanwhile Vega and his friend, Krish Carter, have been charged with attempted murder.

So a three-year-old is left to face the aftermath of abuse without his dad. Who really got justice here?

Do you feel for this father or think he should face the full extent of the law for his vigilantism?

Image: CBS4

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